Mountain Springs Landscaping has done numerous apartment landscaping jobs in the Willcox and surrounding areas. This also includes hotels and other commercial work. At the time of the work, our company was going by the name of James Mininger Inc. Just to name a few of the local sites. We landscaped the Willcox Townhomes, the Holiday Inn in Willcox and there are lots more if you extend the range out a little. We did the landscaping for Case Del Pueblo in Tucson, for the La Habra apartments in Benson, Hampton Inn in Sierra Vista, the Huachuca Desert Apartments in Huachuca City, and the Sonora Vista Apartments in Douglas.

Apartment Landscaping features

These large commercial jobs generally have a lot of rock landscaping with grouted riprap sometimes and lots of shrubs and flowers. We do a lot of grading to allow proper water drainage and to get that finished landscape look! On several jobs, we put in large sprinkler systems for grass and then installed sod. We can also do seeding but usually, that is for the individual customer’s yards or maybe a restoration project.

As with all of our landscaping, we offer a warranty to cover our workmanship and we replace plants that do not live thru the initial planting. Give us a call to find out more about our work guarantee.  We don’t accept responsibility for work that has not been maintained and in some cases may look quite degrading. We strongly recommend having a scheduled gardener that can stay ahead of the maintenance. Mountain Springs Landscaping now offers this service so if you are interested please let us know.

We offer free estimates on all projects so contact us and we will be glad to work a quote for you.