Here at Mountain Springs Landscaping, we would like to design a yard or landscape that you will enjoy. Whether you would like a low maintenance yard with mostly rock lawns and boulders or a yard with lots of green shrubs, trees and grass, we can build it. We have installed water features with small ponds and waterfalls or fountains that add a beautiful touch to the landscape. You can have a few fish and different types of water plants growing in the water with benches around to sit and relax after a long days work. Another idea for a yard focal point might be a landscaped island in a circle drive. We have designed many styles for different applications. Some have large boulders that we can place with our equipment and others have raised islands with colorful shrubs or maybe a rustic farm implement etc. Other common landscape features would be firepits, patio areas, and gazebos.  So whatever your idea of a nice yard might be, just contact us at Mountain Springs Landscaping and we will be glad to assist you.